Living on Hexi Campus


一、办理校园一卡通 Getting Student ID Card

    新报到的学生携带相关材料注册后, 可办理校园一卡通。

After registration, the new students can apply for your student ID card.

 1. 学历生For Bachelor, Master, and PHD Students

    所需材料 The essential preparation:


      One latest personal photo (electronic version).


Personal information: student number, name, nationality, gender, the full name of your major and college.


      RMB 30 Yuan for card fee.

  2. 语言生For Language Students

     所需材料 The essential preparation:


       One latest personal photo (electronic version)


       Personal information: name, nationality, gender, study period


        20 Yuan for one card


Please bring all the above materials to Office (Room E801) on the 8th floor of the main teaching building. Normally you can get your card in 5 working days.







 二、就餐 Catering 

 1. 餐厅及用餐时间  Canteens and Dining Time


    After enrollment registration, students can go to the canteen to buy food with their student ID card. In the North part of Hexi campus, there are 3 canteens: Student dining hall locates in the 1st floor of International Exchange Center, Muslim Canteen, and Doctor Canteen. In the South part of Hexi campus, there are two canteens: the No.1 Student Canteen, and No.2 Student Canteen.

   业时间: Opening Hours         

   早上:7:00 -9:00am       Morning: 7:00 am-9:00 am

   中午:10:30-14:00pm     Noon: 10:30 am-14:00 pm

   晚上:16:30 -21:00pm     Evening: 16:30 pm-21:00 pm

 2. 一卡通充值 Student ID card recharging


International students can recharge your student ID card on the first floor of International Exchange Center or go to No.2 Student Canteen at the following time:

周一到周五:Monday to Friday

早上:7:00 -9:00am      Morning: 7:00 am-9:00 am

    中午:11:00-13:00pm     Noon: 11:00 am-13:00 pm


The recharging center is not available at weekend.

 3. 注意事项 Notes


The student ID card can be used in any canteens in Hexi and TEDA campus. Please maintain the order in the dining hall, pay attention to the protection of the canteen hygiene. Take good care of canteen equipment and utensils. Respect canteen staff. After finishing eating, please return the utensils to the Dishware Collections consciously.




三、办理SIM (Buying SIM Card)

1. 中国移动 China Mobile


There is a China Mobile Service station in building No. 8 in front of the International Students Apartment. You should take your passport with you, and the starting fee for the SIM card is about RMB 70Yuan.

2. 中国联通China Unicom


On the first floor of RT-Mart, there is a China Unicom service station. You should take your passport with you for the SIM card.


四、网络服务 Internet Access


TUST Information Office locates in the north of the library. Students can go to the first floor of that building to deal with your web service. Students can also search for related information through this website:


五、生活设施 Living Facilities


Convenience facilities are well-equipped in Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST). There are ATM machines, a post office, copy and print shops, a supermarket, a fruit shop, etc.

1. 学校附近的银行 Banks around the Hexi campus

  营业时间 Opening Hour  


  China Construction Bank: Monday-Friday 09:00 am-17:00 pm


  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Monday-Sunday 09:00 am-17:00 pm

地址:学校正门往右走五十米左右, 有中国建设银行和中国工商银行,办理业务需携带本人护照。

Industrial and Commercial Bank and Construction Bank are located at the right side of the front door, and they are about 50 meters away from the Dagunan Road gate. Remember to take your valid passport to conduct any business.

   中国银行: 地址:学校附近曲江路41 电话: 022-28347118 携带护照办理多种外币兑换业务。

Bank of China Located in Qujiang Road No 41, Tel: 022-28347118

Students can handle variety of foreign currency exchange business with your passport in this bank.

2. 校内ATM:



On Campus Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

China Construction Bank: On the eastern side of Building No. 2

Agricultural Bank of China: On the western side of the Teachers’ Apartment Building

邮局 Post office

   营业时间: Opening Hour:

   周一至周五09:00-17:00  周六日休息

   Monday-Friday 09:00 am-17:00 pm Weekends: closed


The post office is located on the first floor of No.1 building. There can handle mailing, sending the parcel and fax services.


3. 打印复印店 Copy and Print Shops


In the north part of the campus, there is a copy and print shop on the 1th floor of College Students’ Activity Center, near the No.18 building, and another one is next to the Post Office.


In the south part of the campus, there are Aunt Copy and Print Shop, and some other Copy and Print Shops.

4. 超市 Supermarket


In the north part of the campus, a supermarket is on the first floor of International Exchange Center, and a TUST Store is near Doctor Canteen.


In the south part of the campus, there is a TUST Supermarket (near No. 2 Student Canteen).

 5. 健身 Fitness


There are many sports and fitness places in TUST. Hexi Campus offers free outdoor basketball courts, football fields, volleyball fields, and tennis courts. Inside the stadium are basic facilities for such games as table tennis, badminton and basketball at your disposal once you take your Campus ID Card and pay the reasonable fees.

   And the TUST Gym at the basement of the International Exchanges Center welcomes anyone with a complete set of fitness facilities and encourages membership registration as well.


六、购物 Shopping

 1. 大润发、鑫光市场及博疆菜市场

    RT-Mart, Xinguang Mall and Bojiang Vegetable Market


Turn left at the back gate of TUST, and walk about 500 meters, you will find the RT-Mart, Xinguang Mall and Bojiang Vegetable Market. Fruit, vegetables, clothes and some living necessities are offered there.

 2. 滨江道 Binjiang Street


It will take you about 10 minutes to arrive at the Metro Station of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics from the back gate of TUST. Students can take line 1 and get off the train at Yingkou stop (about 30 minutes, 3 Yuan for a ticket)



97   双水道公交站学苑路*口腔医院天津站

529  新港客运码头公交站塘沽外滩公园极地海洋世界学苑路*天津文


655  文化中心公交站天津乐园科技馆文化中心图书馆天津博物馆


686  双马公交站财经大学*学苑路*复兴门*二附属医院文化中心图


808  天津站学苑路*海河医院东张庄公交站

835  嘉陵南里公交站-动物园体检博物馆文化中心图书馆二附属医院





七、Bus Services Near Hexi Campus

Bus No.97: Shuangshuidao Terminal Xueyuan Lu* Kouqiang Yiyuan (Tianjin Stomatological Hospital)   Dongzhan (Tianjin Railway Station)

Bus No.529:  Xingang Keyun Matou (Xingang Passengers Terminal) Tanggu Waitan Gongyuan (Tanggu Bund Park) Jidi Haiyang Shijie (Polar Sea World) Xueyuan Lu* Tianjin Wenhua Zhongxin (Tianjin Cultural Center) Meijiang Huizhan Zhongxin (Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center)

Bus No.655: Wenhua Zhongxin (Tianjin Cultural Center Terminal) Tianjin Leyuan (Tianjin Amusement Park) Keji Guan (Tianjin Museum of Science and Technology) Wenhua Zhongxin Tushuguan (Library of Tianjin Cultural Center) Tianjin Bowuguan (Tianjin Museum) Xueyuan Lu* Gongcheng Shiyuan (Tianjin Univesrity of Technology and Education) Haihe Yiyuan (Haihe Hospital) Haihe Jiaoyuyuan (Haihe Education Area) Tianjin Haihe Jiaoyuyuan Yihao Gongjiaozhan (No. 1 Terminal of Tianjin Haihe Education Area)

Bus No.686: Shuangma Terminal through Caijing Daxue* (Tianjin University of Finance and Economics) Xueyuan Lu* Fuxing Men* Erfushu Yiyuan (The Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University) Wenhua Zhongxin Tushuguan (Library of Tianjin Cultural Center) Tianjin Bowuguan (Tianjin Museum) Huanhu Yiyuan (Huanhu Hospital) Tianta (Tower of Tianjin) Bali Tai Yinjin Shijia.


Bus No.808: Dongzhan (Tianjin Railway Station) Xueyuan Lu* Haihe Yiyuan (Haihe Hospital) Dongzhang Zhuang.


Bus No.835: Jialing Nanli Terminal Dongwu Yuan (Tianjin Zoo) Tianjin Bowuguan (Tianjin Museum) Wenhua Zhongxin Tushuguan (Library of Tianjin Cultural Center) Erfushu Yiyuan (The Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University) Fuxing Men Xueyuan Lu* Xiaodongzhuang Qingguizhan (Xiaodongzhuang Light-Rail Station) Tangu Huochezhan (Tanggu Railway Station) Yanghuo Shichang* (Foreign Goods Market) TEDA Campus of TUST.


Xueyuan Lu* on Dagu Nanlu is near to the Main Gate with a roughly 100-meter western walk.

Caijing Daxue* and Fuxing Men* are places to access Metro Line One.

Yanghuo Shichang* is a place to access Jinbin Light Rail.









Shuttle Buses to Link Hexi Campus with TEDA Campus

Shuttle buses offer convenient commuting between campuses of Hexi and TEDA many times a day.

Bus stations:

Hexi campus: on the southern side of International Exchanges Center

TEDA campus: on the eastern side of Building No. 2

Bus tickets:

It takes 6 yuan for a roughly 50-minute trip with two kinds of vehicles by turn: our school bus calls for a Campus ID Card payment while our chartered bus a payment by cash.